Eco-efficient shop of 6.000 m2 opening at Paseo-castellana in Madrid

  • On 07/04/2017

From the design of its facade in glass with cubes, which is work of the architect Rafael de la Hoz and combines the flat shapes of glass and volumes, even the smallest details of eco-efficient technology make this shop of 6,000 m2 distributed in 4 floors a very special project.

All the floors are joined by a central nave designed as a wink to the facade, just like the furniture, which simulates to be of stone but, in fact, is made of new materials obtained from resin.

A huge pillar, which crosses six floors, is the star of the building, and has been left in sight, between the two escalators, which on all floors overlook the main facade, while on the back is an elevator.

LED lighting, temperature and even air are self-regulating according to the needs at one time or another of the day, in one or another area of ​​the store. Everything is centralized in such a way that consumes 20% less electricity and 40% less water than conventional outlets. In addition, the energy of this store is one hundred percent renewable.

During the execution of the store, 75% of the material used in its construction was recycled.


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