Design-Build Projects

Design-Build projects development is our pioneering field in Spain, a service integrating Design, Architecture, Engineering and Construction phases.

INCOGA works at all stages as a single partner for the client. The project is approached from an integral viewpoint, starting from conception, the design and execution teams closely cooperating, generating multiple synergies in this respect.

Before commencing the project, we listen actively to the client, examining ideas, needs and business model to provide a strategic consulting service. In many cases, we even develop value proposition of the brand, the Brand Design, as well as the strategy of Customer Experience (CX).

What are the advantages over the traditional Design-Bid-Build bidding model?

Delivery period shortening.
Less risk to the customer.
Reduced costs and higher quality.
Value engineering throughout the project.

When working under this scheme, decision making is quicker, which means significant decrease in delivery time. The client assumes as such a lower risk, since he has control over the cost of the work from very early stages. This enables relevant decisions and corrections to be made in “real time” as to align design and economic goals at all times. Value engineering plays an essential role, generating a reduction in costs, maximizing quality.

Design - Bid - Build

Linear process

  • Long process
  • Many agents agreeing

Design - Build

Non-linear process

  • Greater profitability and deadlines economy
  • In-house team, design and construction
  • Cost estimation during the design process
  • Value engineering throughout the process to fit target CAPEX

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