Incoga Industria offers the most cutting-edge technological and operational solutions in the construction of a new plant or industrial renovation, attending the global project from the start up to delivery.

Knowledge, experience and solvency mix enables us to deal with all types of projects: logistic centers, industrial warehouses, factories, corporate headquarters and offices.

Consistency and Quality

We have a thorough knowledge of the specific regulations of each sector. When working our focus is on quality, to achieve execution results of high functionality and durability.


We employ the last advances in technology, processes and products to exceed the highest expectations. We facilitate adjustment for any industrial company to more sustainable, automated and intelligent model.


Our purchasing and construction management procedures allow us provide costs, achieving balance between investment and result.


We build by optimizing spaces, processes, times, loads and routes.


Integrating harmoniously and functionally office workspaces into the industrial premises is our area of expertise.

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