Incoga Aplicaciones Division offers a wide portfolio of specific construction services, aimed at companies and individuals.

Continuous paving

  • Cements: micro-cement, self-leveling and polymeric.
  • Epoxy: self-levelling, multilayer, monolayer, painted and quartz.

Passive fire and insulation protection

  • Designing and painting
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation


  • Liquid: polyurethanes, rubbers, polyurea and fiberglass
  • Folios: PVC, drains and asphalt fabrics.

Structural reinforcements and repairs

We carry out reinforcements allowing us to withstand all types of loads, higher than those provided in the original project, as well as repairs of damaged concrete due to all type of causes.


Solutions for levelling and homogenizing surfaces with self-levelling mortars, self-compacting mortars, arlite, high planimetry, etc.


Installation of ventilated facades and S.A.T.E. contributing significantly to maximizing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Decorative coatings

Supply and installation of sustainable decorative plates and coatings with customized finishes.

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