Smart Building is a proprietary methodology based on three pillars: efficiency, customer orientation and constant innovation. A way to develop our work by setting as goal excellence and alignment with the latest trends defining the new paradigm of construction 4.0.

The heart of our method

Lean Construction is the Japanese philosophy on which we count, promoting removal of activities that do not add value to the project, collaborative planning and continuous improvement. In this way, uncertainties and inefficiencies disappear, maximizing productivity, quality and customer service.

How do we do it?


Smart Customer Support

Before starting any building project, our team focuses on understanding all the technical needs, tastes and preferences of the client.


Smart Office

The Technical Office prepares offers oriented to the real needs of each client.

  • Studying project solution
  • Studying customer needs
  • We propose more efficient solutions, adapted to the current construction systems and materials
  • Economic output
  • Terms scheme

Smart Planning

Planning is one of the fundamental variables of works, to avoid unnecessary delays and work in the most coordinated and operational way possible.

Knowing the scope of each task, we establish the real time of the work, attending to the hourly, acoustic and hygienic needs. We manage as such to diminish unforeseen events and inefficiencies.

  • Last PLanner System

Smart Building

In the production phase, we carry out a daily follow-up of the work and the planning.

We offer technical support in all phases of the work.

We establish a permanent responsible person on site and surveillance technical personnel.

We are concerned about the quality of the result. Order and cleanliness are the basis of our prevention.


Smart Assistance

When works end and the keys are handed over is not quite everything over. For this reason, we offer an after-sales service that includes:

  • Company with certificate of good execution
  • Works warranty

Smart Improvement

We have an area of continuous improvement promoting the constant search for excellence.

Always at the forefront of innovation

Incoga bets on constant innovation, as we conceive the present and the future of building from digitization and industrialization level, including at an early stage in our methodology, the latest technological advances, in processes and materials.


Our Technical Office counts on a BIM (Building Information Modeling) management specialists’ team in charge of addressing all the projects that have been conceived with this disruptive methodology that involves the digitization of construction. Through a 3D modeling software, we work as a builder, in a collaborative and real time way with the rest of the agents involved in the project, centralizing as such all the information. This means a significant decrease of uncertainties and inefficiencies and an increase in productivity. In addition, it allows to detect and correct incompatibilities between design and execution in very early phases, generating as such short deadlines and low costs.

Design-Build projects

Design Build projects development is our pioneering field in Spain, a comprehensive management system in which, from INCOGA, we take over the phases of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Among its main advantages with respect to the traditional Design-Bid-Build scheme stands out the shortening of delivery times derived from a more alert decision making. Also, through value engineering, quality is maximized and costs lowered.

Industrialized building

We count on industrialized construction in many of our works, an innovative solution with multiple benefits such as sustainability and achieving greater efficiency.

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