1. INTRODUCTION . Incoga is a construction company with a large range of services in all construction related areas, including highly trained marketing consultancy. Our international activity extends on four levels: Retail, Habitat, Industry and Public Services, according to our own method called Smart Building. This new method belonging to Lean Construction philosophy has as core concepts wastes removal and efficiency increasing.It is a customer-oriented working method, where the customer is listened to, understood and permanently informed about works progress. The owners, architects and Incoga are the Integrated Project Team having common and harmonised aims which Incoga communicates to all parties involved in the works.
    In 2017 INCOGA’s objective was that of certifying our Integrated Quality Management and Environment System under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
    In this respect we have redefined and redesigned some processes according to company function, allowing as such INCOGA reach its goals. One of them it is environmental sustainability and INCOGA works for continuous improvement, contamination prevention and compliance with legislation on environmental impact.
    In order to demonstrate an important environmental improvement by means of environmental aspects and impact control as related to our activities and services, we submit this report notifying as such the concerned third parties the data regarding our environmental behaviour.
    Our Integrated Quality Management and Environment System are based on the following documents:
    • Quality and Environment Manual: comprises the organisational chart of the company, the ongoing processes and Quality and Environment Policy.
    • Process and Instruction Sheets: documents with data of each process activities and the responsible designated persons.
    Quality and environment directives guiding INCOGA in achieving the strategy are encompassed in our Quality and Environment Policy, being approved by the company’s Manager.
    INCOGA NORTE, S.L.U. Management deemed conveniently implementing an Integrated Quality and Environment System which shall be effective and efficient to the benefit of all parties involved, as the Management commits itself to continuous improvement, environment protection, law compliance concerning impact on environment of all functions and the relevant levels, and adjustment to new changes.
    The said system’s aim is that of guaranteeing quality and environment protection in all works executed, ensuring conformity of our service with the demands, specifications and requirements established by the rules regulating Quality and Environment.
    The general directives established by the Management as to achieve Quality and Environment Objectives are as follows:
    • Full customers satisfaction, providing them products and services in compliance with the established demands, needs, expectations and specifications, including with the in force rules or legislation.
    • Company permanent commitment to continuous improvement and environment protection as code of conduct.
    • Permanent commitment to obey environmental law and rules at all levels, as well as other requirements the company undertakes to comply with.
    • Environmental factors integration for the development of our activities, establishing and reviewing environmental objectives and goals, for planning new processes and changing the existing ones.
    • Commitment as concerning the means, human resources and necessary materials providing for the achievement of the established objectives.
    • Company employees’ continuous training according to their activity, putting at disposal the necessary knowledge as to run it in highest respect for environment and focused on satisfying clients’ needs and the needs of company domains.
    • Ensure that the policy is at disposal of all concerned parties, placing it in a visible spot of the plants, putting it at all employees’ disposal, as well as at the disposal of all applying parties.

The Management of INCOGA NORTE, S.L.U. undertakes to permanently enhance Quality and Environment directives as settled for this Policy.

 A Coruña, 1 October 2017


    Environmental aspect: elements of company activities, products or services that may intermingle with the environment.
    Direct environmental aspect: aspect related to the activities, products and services of a company upon which it exerts direct management control.
    Indirect environmental aspect: aspect related to the activities, products and services of a company upon which it does not exert direct management control but it may influence in a reasonable way.
    Environmental impact: any favourable or unfavourable change of the environment, as total or partial result of the environmental aspects of a company.
    INCOGA has identified all environmental aspects related to our activities and services; those directly related to our administrative and commercial work (direct aspects), those related to the activities of our providers and subcontractors (indirect aspects) and those related to the lifetime of services we provide (indirect aspects). At the same time we have identified the environmental aspects related to possible emergency situations. All identified aspects are assessed as to determine the significant ones.
    The environmental aspects of INCOGA are presented in the table below and their control indicators. Due to the new measuring system we do not have records as to present the values of the presented indicators. The first results of these indicators shall be included in the equivalent report of 2018.

The indirect environmental aspects identified are as follow:


The indirect environmental aspects identified are as follow:

The environmental aspects related to possible emergency situations are as follows:

The environmental aspects related to possible emergency situations are as follows:

INCOGA has also a Harmful and Non-harmful Wastes Register.

INCOGA is also registered in the General Register of Wastes Producers and Management of Galicia as small producer of harmful wastes. The wastes recorded are the following:

    INCOGA conducts a yearly assessment of the environmental performance and by means of this assessment determines the measures to control the environmental aspects of the activities performed. Some of these measures convert into environmental objectives.
    As concerning the method of managing the harmful wastes our works generate, one of these three situations applies: customer management, self-management and our subcontractors’ management.
    Although in our providers and subcontractors’ homologation process we ask them to comply with some working guidelines and environmental requirements in relation to our works, when wastes management is not performed by our customer, as to achieve a better control and management of the harmful wastes generated, we opt for self-management to the possible extent. In this case, before starting the works, we conduct an assessment of the wastes to be generated, in order to have a suitable “clear point” as to obtain a correct segregation.
    In consideration of the aforementioned, INCOGA’s objective for 2018 is the following:

For any information regarding our Integrated Management System you may contact us at the following e-mail:

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