Corporate offices comprehensive restoration

2022 A Coruña

Comprehensive restoration of an old office space into a modern corporate headquarters of more than 200 m2, located in the center of A Coruña.

A task INCOGA approached with last generation air conditioning and lighting systems aiming to maximize energy efficiency of the property, contributing to greater environmental sustainability. Cutting-edge solutions have been similarly implemented in communication and acoustic ceilings have been installed that reduce noise, echoes and reverberations, generating a substantial improvement in concentration and sound comfort in the workplace.

Aspects such as brightness, warmth and harmony have been the premises in developing the new image. The key to actually achieve it were the natural wood finishes, the predominance of neutral shades, as well as the installation of carpets and blinds allowing natural light penetration.

The new architectural layout with simple divisions, open and multipurpose spaces, generate a sense of roominess and encourage communication, interaction and cooperation. A storage area equipped with modern mobile filing cabinets stands out optimizing space use.



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