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Incoga is a construction company with a broad spectrum of services related to construction, which incorporates an experienced marketing consultancy. We work internationally in four segments: Retail, Habitat, Industry and Public Services with our own method called Smart Building. This method is inspired by the Lean Construction philosophy whose maxim is the elimination of waste and the increase of efficiency.

The work method is client-oriented, listening to them, understanding and constantly informing them about what is happening during the construction. Property, architects and Incoga comprise the Integrated Project Team, with common and aligned objectives that Incoga transmit collaboratively to all agents involved in the construction.

In order to illustrate a solid environmental performance, by means of the control of aspects and the impact on the environment related to our activities and services, and to communicate the environmental achievements to the public, we have implemented a system of environmental management at INCOGA NORTE S.L.U. based on the regulation UNE EN-ISO 14001:2015.

The objective of this report is to provide the parties concerned with the information on our environmental performance and behaviour, and to enhance our commitment to the continuous improvement of the implemented Environmental Management System.

Our Integrated Management System of Quality and Environment is developed through the following documents:

  • Quality and Environment Manual: this document provides and develops the reach of the management system, the hierarchical and functional organization of the company, the procedures that build the system, and the Environmental Policy of INCOGA NORTE S.L.U.
  • Process Datasheets and Instructions: these documents develop the environmental management system requirements, where the operation to be carried out and the assignation of those in charge are detailed.

he guidelines that INCOGA NORTE S.L.U. follow in relation to quality and the environment in order to achieve their strategy are manifested in our Quality and Environment Policy, and are approved by the company manager.
This Policy is formalised and attached to this document.


Environmental aspect: the element of the activities, products or services of an organisation that may interact with the environment.

Direct environmental aspect: the aspect associated with the activities, products and services of the organisation where direct management control is practised.

Indirect environmental aspect: the aspect associated to activities, products and services of the organisation where direct management control is not practised, but can have a reasonable influence.

Environmental impact: any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, as a total or partial result of the environmental aspects of an organisation.

Here at INCOGA NORTE S.L.U. we have identified all environmental aspects linked to our activities and services; those linked directly to our administrative and commercial work (direct aspects), those linked to our providers and activities of subcontractors (indirect aspects) and those linked to the lifespan of the services we produce (indirect aspects). Likewise, we have identified the environmental aspects linked to possible emergency situations. All aspects identified are evaluated to determine those which are significant.

Direct aspects:
To ensure proper environmental management and performance, and our commitment to continuous improvement, we set environmental objectives and goals annually. These objectives are established considering the aspects that have been significant, in order to reduce the environmental impact generated.

Likewise, we set out a control of all environmental aspects, significant and not significant, through monitoring indicators, and we have established operational control procedures that will assist in its control, and will maintain evidence of the actions carried out.

In order to prevent the generation of aspects linked to emergency situations, we have defined an emergency action procedure to be followed, carrying out regular training sessions in order to raise awareness amongst our workers and guarantee that we have the necessary means (technical and human) to act in case of occurrence.

Indirect Aspects:
In order to establish control and improve our environmental management related to indirect environmental aspects, we have established a set of actions that help us act in varying degrees on those aspects, and influence their management (in line with our capacity). In this way, we have implemented actions such as:

  • · The creation of and sending of “Environmental Criteria applicable to providers and subcontracts”, and with which we commit to meeting and complying with the current legislation of application to their activities.
  • · The publishing on our web page of the environmental aspects of our work, to announce to parties concerned, so as to contribute to the necessary environmental awareness and to work for greater environmental respect.

At INCOGA we carry out an annual environmental performance evaluation, and through this analysis we establish measures in order to control the environmental aspects of the activities we generate. Some of these measures become environmental objectives.

With regard to the way we manage the hazardous waste produced at our constructions, one of these three situations will come about: management by the client themselves, self-management, or management by our subcontractors.

Although through our process of homologation of suppliers and subcontractors we demand that they comply with work guidelines and the environmental requirements that must be met at our sites, when the management of waste is not carried out by our client, we opt for our own management to achieve greater control over the production and management of hazardous waste that is generated, to as great an extent as possible. In this case, before starting a construction project, we make an evaluation of the waste that will be generated, and thus are able to place an appropriate “Clean Point” to carry out correct separation.

Hereunder, we present the results of those aspects that have proven to be “Significant” after the analysis of the data obtained from the monitoring of the Environmental Indicators, and from which the Environmental Objective has been derived.


To ensure proper environmental management and performance and our commitment to continuous improvement, we set environmental objectives and targets annually. These objectives are established considering the aspects that have been significant, to reduce the environmental impact generated.

2019 Environmental Management Programme


For any information regarding our Integrated Management System you may contact us at the following e-mail:

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