BIM: The pre-construction in Software

  • On 03/08/2018

In Incoga Smart Building one of the main objectives is to offer the best possible construction service to our customers. That is why we work with BIM, a tool adapted to a new way of understanding construction and the technological revolution that is taking place in the sector.

BIM is a collaborative work tool for the generation and management of data of a construction project with the aim of centralizing all the information of the project in a virtual information model created by all the agents involved in the construction process and establishing a flow of transversal communication between them, always under the supervision of the client. It allows the Pre-construction and therefore the previous planning and as a consequence we avoid the unexpected.

It involves the evolution of traditional systems based on the plan, because it incorporates geometric (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D), and maintenance (7D) information.

In addition, the use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, including the execution of the project and extending throughout its life cycle, allowing its entirety management and reducing operating costs.


BIM is also part of our Smart Building Method!


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