INCOGA Smart Building specialist in Smart Factory


A Coruña, 25 January 2019. Today we are immersed in full industrial evolution, Industry 4.0, which encompasses numerous terms, technologies and changes in the value chain of factories as we know them until now. Smart factories are the result of this industrial evolution.

At INCOGA SMART BUILDING we are committed to this type of facilities, designed using BIM technology, with 3D models in which you can add information on time (4D), costs (5D), environment (6D) and maintenance (7D). Our construction process of this type of buildings is marked by the LEAN philosophy, focused on customer satisfaction, and in which we eliminate everything that does not add value to the chain, thus achieving maximum efficiency of the process.

The technologies used in these factories once built are varied: they range from Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, analytics; maintenance through Augmented Reality (AR); training processes for workers through Virtual Reality (VR) or a self-supply of parts obtained through additive printing (3D printing). In these facilities there is a connectivity between the customer and the final product since all the components send information constantly thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the productive processes are able to adapt continuously and immediately to each specific need, attending to the analysis of all created information (Big Data).

The benefits of this type of factories go far beyond the production of goods, extending to other functions such as planning, supply chain logistics and the development and quality of products. With this interlinking it is possible to increase the speed of the processes and make the factories more efficient.

Incoga Smart Building is the best ally to build facilities for Smart Factories.


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