• On 29/10/2018

The 1st “Smart Customer Experience” fórum took place at the Rafael del Pino Auditórium in Madrid on October 24.

How the design of physycal and emotional environments are keydrivers to the creation of company growth and innovation strategies.

Retail, banking, entertainment and F&B board members shared their time and knowledge. What should those enviroments where companies and customers interact be like?

The leading companies in the talks were: Banco Santander, Pibank, Adolfo Domínguez, MABEL Capital, LetsGo Company, FANScinology and Incoga Smart Building.

Incoga explained how with our own Smart Building work methodology, we have changed the construction sector with an innovative visión of our services that incorporates experience marketing consulting.

We dream up and develop sales surfaces and spaces that tell stories, generate emotions and promote experiences in line with brand’s attributes.

Today we can say that we are proud to be the strategic partners of world leading companies in sectors such as retail, residential and industry.

Thank you for attending and make the experience real!


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